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Artist Bio & Statement

Bruce Andrews was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1966. He had an early interest in the arts, but put it on hold, joining the Air Force right out of high school. Putting his travels behind him, Bruce chose to settle in Bonn, Germany, as he loved the beauty and lifestyle of Europe. Bruce worked as an aircraft mechanic at this time, but his true love was painting and photography.

Bruce returned to Savannah, Georgia in the summer of 2002, eager to start his own art gallery. His dream paid off, and in late 2002, he opened the Camera Stop on Spanish Street in downtown St. Augustine. Blending technical abilities and artistic interests, Bruce pursued both art photography and commercial photography. In September 2004, readers of the St. Augustine Record voted Bruce as one of the best photographers in

St. Augustine.

In January of 2004, Bruce closed the doors on the Camera Stop, to open Bruce Andrews Photography, an art and commercial photography studio. Bruce currently lives in St. Augustine Florida with his wife Andrea and Mattie, their nine year old, little girl.

Bruce’s art has explored the United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa through a unique eye and perspective. He is always looking for a different angle or direction from which to view the world.

Artist Statement

I believe that Photography and painting are mediums for an artist to communicate their personal reality with another. The moment is personal and private until you share it with other people. Then it becomes something else. For better or worse, it is at this moment of giving that an artist flourishes.

Bruce Andrews

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